Message Of The Principal, Permanent Campus

I welcome you all to Milestone College and express my heartfelt thanks for visiting us online.

We consider every child as unique and so we maintain inclusive learning-teaching environment at every step in our great set-up. It is a fact now that our results are getting better in the public examinations every time. It has been made possible through our extensive and effective care stretched out to every individual student.

Our students conglomerate here from multifarious backgrounds; various strata of the society. They enter the threshold of our strong and fortified home of learning with a view to getting better facilities. And it is something we value highly that most of the students get higher GPA in HSC Exam than that of SSC Exam.

Year Faculty Exam Total Candidates % of Pass A+ A A- Position in Dhaka Board
2020 All Section SSC 1381 100 935 429 17
2019 All Section SSC 1341 95.50 301 913 113
2018 All Section SSC 1179 99.92 790 379 09
2019 All Section HSC 2211 100 853 1291 67  
2018 All Section HSC 2150 99.89 598 1049 246
* Awarded crest as one of the best Educational Institutions in JSC & SSC Examinations in 2013.
* Awarded crest as best Educational Institute of Dhaka Board in 2008.
* 100% Students improved their result in HSC exam in comparison with their result in SSC exam.

Results of our Secondary and Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations in the last few years are given below:

Primary Education Certificate (PEC) Examination-2019: 1181 students appeared (Both English & Bangla Mediums); all passed. Pass percentage was 100%; 1138 students got A+. Obtained 34 Talent Pool & 05 General Scholarship from own Thana.

Our Position was 3rd in the year 2013 & 2014 and 4th in the country in the year 2011 & 2012 (in order of merit).

Junior School Certificate (JSC) Examination-2019: 1071 students appeared (Both English & Bangla Mediums); all passed. Pass percentage was 100%; 576 students got A+. Obtained 20 Talent Pool out of 20 & 39 General Scholarship out of 40 from own Thana.

In 2013, 958 students appeared (Both English & Bangla Mediums); all passed. Pass percentage was 100%; 868 students got A+ & secured 4th Position in the Dhaka Board.

We put our students into unequivocal discipline, rear them up with their shoulders erect, guide them to the emerald path of success and when they come out with their heads up at the end of their academic session, they certainly attain better GPA if compared with SSC. Regular Class Tests, Weekly Tests and Monthly Tests help students become aware all the more of their existing status for the preparation of their studies further. We keep close contact with guardians and brief them about their wards’ academic state of affairs. A coordinated effort on the part of guardians, college administration, teachers and students has thus made our dream, intention and efforts a success. Quite naturally we also pay equal stress on the moral and spiritual development of our students. Arrangement of training for the teachers and regular co-curricular & extra-curricular activities for the students are our coherent features.

It may be a repetition to many that we have developed a system of bringing out the potentials of a student through the process of MTs (Monthly Tests), FTs (Fortnightly Tests), STs (Surprise Tests) and Term End Exams along with arrangement of Detention Classes for weak students categorising them on academic and/or discipline grounds. The mechanism of co-ordination amongst guardians, Form Masters, students, teachers and Administration is a trademark for this institution that ultimately leaves no student unattended.

Digitization which we have ensured as an inevitable part of our class-room teaching and all other academic activities has assuredly raised us to the global stature. Now you can get us at and with updated information regarding admission, current results, payment procedures and all necessary tidbits making everybody’s access to Milestone College quite easy.

We pledge to persist in carrying with the best of our efforts in the days to come.

Prof. Md. Shahidul Islam
Principal, Permanent Campus
Ex-Principal, Barisal & Mirzapur Cadet College