About Us
We, a number of educationists, had been discussing for a long time about the establishment of an educational institution of international standard. Among us, some have worked and are still working in the universities and the others have worked at renowned colleges and cadet colleges as Professors & Principals. In the light of our long experience, we have perceived that our children, in spite of being meritorious and securing good results, cannot attain the expected result in their practical life. This is because our students/children are in the grip of excessive coyness, they are introvert: they know but cannot express their thoughts. Moreover, having continued their education in Bangla medium, most of the students remain weak in writing and speaking English. As a result, when they go abroad for higher studies, they fall in deep water. Even in our own country, they fail to get a good job in the multinational companies.

On the other hand our students with British Education system i.e. after passing O level & A level face a great hardship for their admission in the BUET, Public Universities, Medical Colleges etc. These students have segregated themselves from our age old tradition & custom in respect of dress, way of life, food habits etc. This is mainly due to British curriculum followed at O & A level exam where our students are taught British culture, heritage & tradition. They learn British history, geography, economy, way of life etc but not those of Bangladesh .

Under the circumstances, for the implementation of our long contemplation and experience, we established an ideal institution namely “ Milestone College ” in the year 2001 at Gareeb-e-Newaz Avenue in Sector -11 of Uttara Model Town , Dhaka . It has both English & Bengali Medium Sections. This is our own building & it is now used as our Headquarters. In addition to this we have now 07 campuses at different sectors of Uttara Model Town, Dhaka.

Govt. Approval: Milestone School and College is approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, vide their letter no. sha 9168 (part) 313, dated, 18th May 2002 and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka, Letter no. 1079 dated 24/07/2002. Our College Code Number is 1056 and School Code Number is 1098.

Our Permanent Site: We have purchased 15 bighas of land at Diabari, Uttara (Beside Uttara Model Town third phase). In future the permanent campus of the college will be established on that site. We hope to shift our residential students there by the year 2013. Politics Free Campus: Milestone College maintains. 

Politics free campuses: Students are not allowed to do any political activities inside the college premises. To facilitate the learning environment, the college maintains a tough standing against student politics .

Traits of the College: All the responsibilities are taken to flourish the merit of the students and to apply it to get the best out of them .

More emphasis is given on English so that the students can write and speak in English correctly .

Necessary steps are taken to find out the latent qualities, creativity and humanitarian qualities of the students .

Importance is given to develop the physical and mental condition of each student .

Students are brought up in the hostel with affection and motherly love and care .

The knowledge of morality, modesty, beauty, discipline, religion and social customs are taught to the students fully .

Attempts are taken to make them ideal man/woman in the light of religious and intellectual perspectives .

Necessary steps are taken to remove students’ shyness, rigidity and introvert attitudes .

All responsibilities are taken to make each student an ideal citizen besides his/her studies .

Students are given financial aid based on their performance .