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Welcome to our website. Thank you very much for discovering it. We offer a wide range of courses in this college, backed by experienced, specialist teaching staff excellent facilities and resources. Milestone College is a non-profitable organization run by MNRS TRUST. The institution, growing from a Kindergarten to a Junior School and then to a secondary school, has now emerged as a leading College of Bangladesh. Since inception, the institute has been enjoying a proud record of academic quality and innovation. Over the years, it has generated a significant number of employments of qualified academicians, administrators and staffs.

We, a number of educationists, had been discussing for a long time about the establishment of an educational institution of international standard. Among us, some have worked and are still working in universities and the others have worked at renowned colleges and cadet colleges as professors & principals. In the light of our long experience, we have perceived that our children, despite securing good results and being meritorious, cannot attain the expected results because of excessive coyness. They are introvert; they know but cannot express their thoughts. Moreover, having completed their education in Bangla Medium, most of these students remain weak in writing and speaking in English. As a result, when they go abroad for higher studies, they fall in deep water. Even in our own country, they fail to get a good job in the multinational companies.

On the other hand, our students attending the British Education curriculum, i.e. the students of ‘O’ level & ‘A’ level face a great hardship while competing for admission in the BUET, Public Universities, Medical Colleges, etc. These students have segregated themselves from the age-old traditions & customs in respect of dress, way of life, food habits and manners. This is mainly due to the British curriculum followed at ‘O’ & ‘A’ level Exams. Where our students are taught British culture, heritage & tradition. They leran British history, geography, economy, way of life etc. but not those of Bangladesh.

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